How Counselling Could Help Your Family

Most families go through problems at some point in their development. Family counselling can help the family get to the root cause of the issues, helping everyone communicate better and understand how to resolve differences.

Family therapy in Glasgow can assist families going through change and help family members to support each other, reduce conflicts and grow together stronger.


The Blended Family

When two family units join, this is known as a blended family. Everyone’s goal within the family unit is probably to have a harmonious family where all members feel heard and recognised. Family therapy can help you with this and can be an easy way for families to voice concerns.


Changes To Daily Life

Adjusting to new things isn’t easy for families. Children may need family support due to moving to a new city or town, divorce or separation, grief or loss within the family. Children can get highly distressed by change, and if they struggle to adjust, the entire family may participate in family therapy in Glasgow to help with the adjustment.


Feeling Alone Or Social Isolation

Wanting some alone time is normal for everyone, no matter what age you are. Families sometimes go through the phases of wanting alone or more family time. It could become an issue when a family member “withdraws” from the family. At this point, family therapy can get to the root of the withdrawal, be it bullying, eating disorders or depression.

Adjusting To The Teenage Years

Teenage years are typically full of emotion, angst, and questioning. There are also a lot of changes during the teenage years, both physically and mentally. Family therapy can help you support your teen with their mental health, or it can help you with concerns in the family unit, like communication and respecting independence.


Keeping Secrets

We all have secrets, which are natural and healthy under normal circumstances. Family therapy in Glasgow can help work out why a family member is being deceitful and secretive and allow the family to express how this is affecting the family unit.


Lacking or Withholding Intimacy

Withholding affection is manipulative and should not be used in a loving family. Lack of affection or negative displays in a family unit might also be a reason to attend therapy. Family therapy can help restore the balance and find beneficial solutions for the good of the entire family.


Healing The Past

Things are better dealt with using open dialogue rather than “being left in the past”. Unresolved issues can resurface and cause anxiety within the family unit. Family therapy can help address the need to put these issues in the past rather than constructively deal with them.


Growing Apart, Respecting Differences, And Finding Compromise

Families are constantly moving dynamically—everyone ages, and their needs within the family change over time. Family therapy can ensure communication lines stay open and honest dialogue is used to avert conflict. A family therapist can act as a neutral mediator in discussions of how the family will develop in the future.


Holding Grudges

All family members feel a grudge as it builds resentment, anger, and contempt. It is not uncommon for the original reason for the grudge to have been forgotten. It has just become a toxic behavioural pattern.
Family therapy can help rebuild trust and strong lines of communication.


If you want to learn more about how counselling could help your family then get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

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