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At Psyche Therapy, we provide family therapy in Glasgow, we are based on Rose Street, Glasgow, near the Glasgow film theatre and are an established leader in the field of family therapy. Proudly led by clinical director Dr Erin Deehan, the centre has outstanding reviews and has excelled in providing Family therapy across Glasgow.

Our family therapists are fully trained and are accredited with HCPC, BACP, BPS AND CTAA. They are experienced in working with family groups. Our therapists offer a range of techniques and will adapt their approach to suit the specific issues your family is experiencing.

As families develop, it is only normal for issues to arise. These problems must be addressed before they grow, whether it is friction between parents or a recent change, such as a house move.   

Our Approach & Values

At Psyche Therapy Centre, we offer Family therapy in Glasgow with prices starting at only £95. Therapy can help the family get to the root cause of the issues, helping everyone communicate better and understand how to resolve differences. You can contact us on 0141 352 9957 to discuss your family needs, or you can book an appointment time directly via the website.

With modern living, children have extra stresses; without an outlet where they can feel heard and recognised, they can begin to withdraw. This can be particularly true within “blended” families where two families have joined to become one.

Everyone’s goal within the family unit is to have a harmonious family life. Family therapy can help achieve this and can be an easy way for families to voice concerns and grow together.


 Loneliness and the feeling of isolation within family units are increasing in children. Suppose a family member begins withdrawing from everyday activities such as eating together. In that case, this could result from bullying, eating disorders, grief or depression. Family therapy can help get to the root of the withdrawal and give a platform for voicing their concerns. The therapist can provide the family with tools and techniques to help alleviate the problems. You can book family therapy in Glasgow by emailing

Teenagers have particular problems, as these years are full of emotion, angst, uncertainty and questioning. With physical and mental changes during this period, your teenager may need some family support and to feel they are not alone. The onset of bullying on social media platforms and the desire to maintain popularity puts a lot of peer pressure on modern teenagers. Family therapy can help you support your teenager with their mental health, or it can help you with concerns in the family unit, like communication and respecting independence. 


A Family Therapist is a Mediator


A family therapist can address all these issues and give your teenager a position within the family unit where the teenager feels validated and their views heard.

A family therapist can act as a neutral mediator in discussions of how the family will develop in the future. Family therapy can help rebuild trust and strong lines of communication. To find out more about our family therapy in Glasgow, please call us on 07845816258 or drop in for a chat at 19 Rose Street, Glasgow.

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