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Psyche Therapy Centre offers a full range of psychological therapies to help improve well-being, our counselling services in Glasgow are carried out by highly trained staff who have been carefully selected to provide scientifically proven services delivering results.


We work with individuals, groups, families and young people to support adolescents and people in their early adult years. We can assist with depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and concerns about developmental issues, including gender and sexuality. Our trained specialists are ready to assist them through their anxieties.



We provide safe spaces for individuals and couples to work together to explore their behaviour patterns and how to improve them and communicate more effectively. Whether you are in a relationship, wish to reflect on a previous relationship, or if a partner does not wish to participate, we can help and support individuals. You can contact us on 0141 352 9957 to learn more about how this therapy can help you.


Group therapy sessions are excellent at supporting members who sometimes have difficulties relating to other people. By using shared learning and developing empathy with other members, group therapy members can explore and resolve their difficulties under the direction of the therapy leader. These sessions can be a powerful alternative to one-to-one sessions and can be booked via our website.

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy examines the relationship between your situation, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and physical reactions. Our therapists can work towards solutions with clear goals and practical techniques. You will be training the mind to question whether your emotions are based on assumptions or facts. Psyche Therapy Centre are available to discuss your needs.



Person-Centred therapy helps you reach your full potential and become your true self. Our Counselling services in Glasgow can help you along the process to ‘self-actualisation’ without judgment but with support and encouragement throughout the journey. If you would like to know more about how to make changes to your life, call us on 07845816258.



Our highly trained councillors can provide this innovative therapy for people with deep-rooted psychological issues. The therapy analyses the long-standing patterns of behaviour, thoughts, memories and feelings that have developed from childhood into adulthood.
If you have long-standing emotional problems, our specialist psychotherapists can meet for an initial evaluation to assess the suitability of this therapy for you.



A therapy based on your needing to focus on being “in the moment”. By understanding what you are sensing and feeling, your therapist can teach you tools and techniques to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.



If you suffer from shame and self-criticism resulting from abuse or neglect, our councillors can use CFT. Compassion-focused therapy has been very effective at treating long-term emotional problems. Problems such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, hoarding disorders, and psychosis are treated by addressing patterns of shame and self-criticism. Contact us by email if you prefer at



Our ACT therapy in Glasgow is a valued therapy for people who have negative thoughts and feelings. By coming to terms with these and accepting them, a pathway can be developed to effect positive changes in daily life. By using simple mindfulness techniques, positive results can be achieved, bringing a new positivity to your life. If you would like to know more, contact Psyche Therapy Centre and speak with one of our highly trained staff.



DBT helps people develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others. This therapy can help people exhibiting self-destructive behaviours (eating disorders and substance use disorders, self-harm and PTSD symptoms).

Remember, fully trained professionals provide our services with empathy and in a non-judgmental environment. All contact with Psyche Therapy Centre will be subject to strict privacy guidelines. You can be assured of the highest quality Counselling services in Glasgow.

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